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Over on the Hermetic Library Zine, I wrote a suggestion about devotional scapular for Thelemites. I talk about what a devotional scapular is and how it might make a good practice to import and modify. Basically: "The devotional scapular is a kind of wide necklace that drapes over the shoulders and has pendants in front and back, typically rectangular cloth suspended from bands, and worn under the top layer of clothing, as opposed to being outerwear. The device is used to symbolically both show others and remind the wearer of a pledge, vow, or way of being. The rectangular cloth can be decorated with images or verses related to one’s intention in wearing."

I posted a follow up Devotional scapular for Thelemites DIY with a sheet of DIY examples based on ideas I floated in the previous post, including the Stele of Revealing, the five and six pointed stars of an A∴A∴ probationer robe, the words for 93/93s from the manuscript for Liber Legis, and a blank to fill in with one's own image, words, or sigils.

These are full size PNG image and PDF versions of the scaled down image I posted on the blog for you of the DIY sheet I created so you can print it out and make your own! It's a US Letter page at 300dpi but there's no reason why you can't resize it however you like.

Eventually a version of this will appear also in Hermetic Library Zine for Aphelion 2023 when that becomes available, but I'm offing the full size images here separately, so supporters on Patreon and Ko-Fi can download them at no cost if they have the digital publications perk.

Enjoy! And, if you end up creating one of these, or something else, and post about it on social media, be sure to tag me!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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